Know Spain!
Discover the best places to visit in Spain, Spanish culture, history and gastronomy.

If you are looking for interesting places in Spain, my travel blog is for you! In my blog I show you this beautiful country from all sides: its history, unusual places to discover, museums, culture, festivals and, of course, gastronomy.

Spain became my home many years ago. Spain is an authentic treasure for a traveler. You can find everything here! From beaches to snowy peaks, from museums to local festivals, rich history and culture – everything that a traveler’s soul may desire! I will show you the best places to visit in Spain, although I think that every place is worth a visit and my travel blog has been created to prove it!

Know Cartagena!

Know Cartagena! Things to do in Cartagena. Romans in Cartagena. Historical facts. September 2021...

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Know Granada!

Know Granada! Visiting the center and Alhambra. One day in Granada. 26 August 2022...

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Know Seville!

Know Seville! Express visit to Seville. Visiting Italica, the Alcazar and the Plaza de...

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Know Antequera!

Know Antequera! Discover things to do in Antequera, visiting the dolmens and the fortress....

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