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Know prehistoric Málaga!

Visiting the caves of Ardales, La Araña, La Pileta and Nerja.

Spain never stops to surprise its visitors with its history. If you thought that we could only witness the presence of the ancient Romans in Spain, then you are wrong. Only in the province of Malaga can you find numerous pieces of evidence of how our ancestors lived in prehistoric times.

There are numerous archaeological sites from the Paleolithic era in Andalusia, and they have been well preserved to demonstrate the sphere of human habitation during the entire evolution of man in Europe. Representatives of Homo erectus, Neanderthals and, finally, Homo sapiens left their traces here. The caves once inhabited by our ancestors are truly amazing. The absence of erosion, their unchanging microclimate for thousands of years, their unattractive habitation conditions, limited access and lack of lighting have caused a great interest in our past among scientists.