Know the blue village in Spain, Júzcar!

The first Smurfs' village in the world!

21 August 2022

What is this page about

If you are visiting Ronda or Benaojan areas (where you should definitely visit the ancient cave of La Pileta), I recommend you stop in a cute cartoon village of Juzcar – the first Smurfs´ village in the world. Yes, that’s right, it really exists! Avoid visiting the village during the summer months. We were there in July and we couldn’t see everything because of 40 degree heat.

Why blue?

Smurfs´ village - Juzcar

So, how did an ordinary Spanish village turn from white to blue?

On June 16, 2011, there was the world premiere of The Smurfs movie in Juzcar. An advertising agency from Madrid that collaborated with Sony Pictures Releasing came up with an idea of painting the houses of the village into blue and then launching the movie premiere. On December 18, 2011, the inhabitants of Juzcar (there are about 221 of them in total in the village) unanimously decided to maintain the blue color of the houses, as they noticed an increase of tourism in the village since then, and it always positively affects the economy.

You will be met by Papa Smurf himself in the center of the village – a strict but fair leader of all the Smurfs.

Papa Smurf in Juzcar

Routes map

Routes map in Juzcar

The adventures and graffiti routes can be walked in less than an hour. The adventure route includes, for example, a zip line, a climbing wall, a bridge, etc. The graffiti route will show you a beautiful street art. You can easily find signs for each route so you will not be lost. There are QR codes with interesting facts in Spanish on the walls of buildings.

There are three types of hiking routes:

  • Moclón Route: This is a 3.23 km linear route of medium to low difficulty.
  • Los Molinos Route: This 1.23 km circular route is of medium to low difficulty.
  • Los riscos route: 6.57 km medium to difficult circular route. Recommended for people in a good physical condition. This is definitely a rewarding route as you will see extraordinary rock formalizations.
Eagle rock. Los riscos. Photo credits: Google Maps.
Graffiti in Juzcar
Smurfette on the village plaza

Mycological Museum

Next to Smurfette you will find an unusual museum – the Mycological Museum, which will introduce you the world of mushrooms. There are an exhibition, a tourist information point and a cultural center in this building.

The mycological seminars have been held in November since 2013 (exception for the pandemic years) when there might be mushrooms. Mushrooms are not present year round, you can find wild mushrooms normally in October-November (depends on location). For more information, visit the village website

You can find very interesting upcoming events on the website, you will never get bored in Júzcar! Smurfs´ Village is definitely worth a visit and its residents are very happy to welcome new guests!

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