Know Mijas Pueblo!

Places to visit in Mijas Pueblo in one day. Visit the bullfighting arena and unusual museums.

06 June 2022

What is this page about

I have been to Mijas Pueblo three times so far, but this time I have seen this gorgeous town from an unexpected and usual perspective. This probably happens when you visit a familiar place with a professional approach.

Mijas Pueblo can be walked up and down in just two hours, so I recommend you visit this place without any rush, enjoying every step and every moment.


Wall of friendship

If you come to Mijas by car, the best option for you is to park in a covered parking for 1 € per day. The parking building is a spacious 5-floor building, you can easily find a free space.

Lift to the highest floor and you will get straight to the main square. You will find the wall of friendship at the entrance: a map of the world, consisting of small figures. You can also see icons symbolizing friendship with a particular country, containing the date when the friendship ceremony was held. Ceremonies usually include concerts on the main square of Mijas, gastronomic stands, etc. This beautiful tradition has been implemented due to the fact that Mijas is a multinational society: representatives of more than 125 nationalities live in the municipality of Mijas!


Wall of friendship in Mijas pueblo

Contemporary Art Center

If you are visiting Mijas Pueblo in the morning, I strongly advise you to visit the Contemporary Art Center (CAC Mijas), which exhibits works of Pablo Picasso on a permanent basis. The main museum of the artist can be found in Malaga and it is a must visit. You will also find works of Salvador Dali in the museum. For such a small town as Mijas, this little museum is a real treasure which adds a touristic value. Entrance fee is 3 euros, the museum has only 2 floors, the tour will not take more than 15 minutes, so it will be a great add-on to your visit to Mijas Pueblo!


Permanent exhibition of Pablo Picasso works at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC Mijas)
Temporary exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC Mijas)

Castle of Mijas Pueblo

You can find remains of a castle In Mijas, as almost everywhere in Spain – a small part of the wall and a tower. Nothing has remained inside the castle. Historians have concluded that Mijas was founded during the Roman Age and played an important role as a fortress due to its strategic position during the Arab times.


Little chapel at the castle of Mijas Pueblo /remains of the tower

Bullfighting arena

We decided to visit the bullfighting arena, contrary to my convictions, but only because it became a museum object and nothing more. Entrance fee is 3 euros. You can find a small chapel even here. Apparently, the bullfighters were very religious people. The arena was built in 1900. It has an atypical oval shape and it is the smallest arena in Europe.

Bullfighting arena
Bullfighting arena in Mijas Pueblo

Church of the Immaculate Conception

There is the Church of the Immaculate Conception behind the corner. It is located on the highest point of Mijas. The church was built in the XVI century on top of the ruins of a mosque after Mijas fell into the hands of Castile.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Parque La Muralla

Must do thing in Mijas Pueblo is to take a walk in the Parque La Muralla. The park is located on the edge of a cliff and offers breathtaking views of the coast. The park contains a botanical garden where you can find a great variety of flowers and plants.

Walking on the streets of Mijas Pueblo

Where to eat in MIjas Pueblo

Probably, you will not be able to resist having lunch in one of the many restaurants with views, but here I would advise you to think about your decision. Most of the restaurants here are made for tourists, they have a very extensive menu, which tells much about the quality and degree of freshness of the products, and to put it mildly, you will not get a gourmet meal. I recommend you to walk a little further to the restaurant called Bodeguita el Tejo, which will not offer you beautiful views, but will delight you with excellent service and quality dishes.

We ordered:

Left: Aberdeen Angus beef burger with crispy ham, fried egg and homemade cheese sauce. As a side dish: baked potatoes with garlic mayonnaise.

Right: melting in the mouth Iberico pork chop with Hoazin sauce. As a side dish: baked potatoes with garlic mayonnaise and salad.

They also serve excellent steak on the stone. I’m pretty sure it is not less exquisite than other dishes of this restaurant.

Chapel of the Virgin of the Rock

Let’s continue our tour and move to the chapel of the Virgin of the Rock, literally made of rock. The chapel was discovered in 1548. The legend says that after the conquest of this area by Castile, the cases of the appearance of the Virgin to different people became more frequent. These phenomena have become a symbol of the return of Christianity to local territories after the Muslims left these lands.

Chapel of the Virgin of the Rock (Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña)

Museum of Miniatures

Finally, I highly recommend visiting the Museum of Miniatures (Carromato de Mijas), as this is a rather unusual museum. Entrance fee is 3 euros, and your money will be donated to the hospital for disabled children.

You can find here: the world’s only reduced head of a white man (1), the seven wonders of the world carved on a needle (2), the symbol of Mijas, a mini donkey (3) and much more.

Exhibits of the Museum of Miniatures in Mijas Pueblo

Bonus: if you don’t pity the donkeys (symbol of Mijas), then one of them can take you to a mini tour of Mijas for 15-20 euros, although I do not support this. Many tourists complain about cruelty to donkeys, however, there are still a lot of people who still want to ride them. It’s a tradition, you can’t just cancel it.

Donkey taxi