Know the cave of Nerja!
Know how and where our ancestors lived in the cave of Nerja. Neanderthals in Spain.

31 October 2022

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How to visit the cave of Nerja

Nerja Cave is a more promoted and accessible cave compared to Ardales and La Pileta cave. The cave attracts a lot of foreign tourists. Years ago, guided tours were organized at strictly defined hours, now the process of visiting the cave has been significantly simplified. Buy a ticket online (the ticket includes a visit to the museum), download the audio guide in advance (available in many popular languages), and explore the cave at your own pace.

The museum is located in the center of Nerja and visiting it is highly recommended, it complements your tour to the cave. You will find the remains of the inhabitants of the cave In the museum and a plenty of interesting objects that belonged to them.

History of the cave of Nerja

The history of formation of the Nerja cave began 5 million years ago. The cave was discovered in 1959 and it was opened to the public a year later. Greatest amount of evidence of prehistoric life since the Neolithic and the Holocene periods was found here. The cave is the largest archaeological site (cave) in southern Europe. The length of the cave is almost 5 kilometers, and only a small part is open to tourists.

A large amount of rock art dating back to the Pleistocene and the Holocene periods was found in the cave. Many objects of Paleolithic art have been discovered. Most of the rock paintings were patterns of straight and curved lines, the rest of the paintings depict animals such as deer, horses, goats and fish.

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