Know Portugal!

Explore interesting and beautiful must-see places in Portugal.

Portugal is a country where you will find the most beautiful beaches in the world and much more. Portugal is a country where you will not meet crowds of tourists, but you will find everything your soul desires: a relaxing nature holiday, yellow beaches and waves for surfing, gastronomic experiences, museums, thousands of churches and historical landmarks and places, where the Romans, Moors and Portuguese monarchs left their traces.

Portugal is an ideal country for traveling by car. Portugal is friendly, safe and uncrowded, that makes it a perfect destination both for a relaxing and an active holiday. 

Important: keep in mind that when traveling by car in Portugal, you will have to expand your budget for motor way tolls payment, if you don´t want to move at the speed of a horse-drawn wagon (without any exaggeration), choosing free motorways. For example, the Lisbon-Porto route will cost you about 22 euros one way.

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