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Things to do in Evora. Visiting the chapel of bones.

2 of May 2022

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Chapel of bones

We went to Lisbon specifically through the town of Evora to visit a local sight – the Chapel of bones. It is about a chapel decorated with humans’ skulls and bones (5 euros for entry). It didn´t seem that impressive after visiting the catacombs in Paris, but still…

The inscription above the entrance says: “We, the bones that lie here, await yours.”

The Chapel of Bones in Évora was built in the XVI century by a Franciscan friar who aimed to convey a message to us about ephemerality and brevity of life. Whether he achieved it or not – you will judge when you step inside of the chapel.

At that time there were almost 42 monastic cemeteries in the town and they occupied too much space. To solve the problem, monks of Evora decided to collect the bones of the buried people and use them as a building and a decorative material for construction of the chapel. The approximate number of skeletons needed to complete such work was about 5000 (!). Some of skulls are painted with graffiti. You can even find a skeleton of a child in the chapel.

Route in Evora

Evora is worth discovering it, walking around doesn´t will take more than one hour. Among the sights of Evora, I highlighted the Cathedral of Evora, the Roman Temple of Diana, the Roman baths and the Roman arch, the National Museum of Frei Manuel (contains items from the Roman era) and the royal palace of Évora. I suggest you take a look of route by clicking on the map below.

One day in Evora
Roman Temple of Diana in Évora - named after Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon, hunt and chastity.

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