Know Culatra, Rio Farmosa!

Know the national park Rio Farmosa in the south of Portugal.

2 of May 2022

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How to get to Rio Farmosa

There is a very special place in the south of Portugal, and it is not only about beautiful beaches. I am talking about the natural park of Rio Farmosa, which consists of two peninsulas (Faro and Kassel) and five islands (Barreta, Culatra, Armona, Tavira and Cabanas). I have been twice there – on Culatra island and Armona island. Do you like peaceful and non crowded traveling? Then Rio Famosa is a perfect choice for you if you want to merge into nature and an endless ocean.

To get to the islands you need to take a ferry from Olhão. You can get to the islands on your own by buying a ticket at the ticket office, or buy a tour online.

Arrive early as there are not many ferries to the islands during the day. You can also take a water taxi for 30 euros.

Ferry travel to Culatra

Historical facts about Culatra

There are several cafes that offer an inexpensive and tasty local food, mini markets, a church and even a football field (everything needed) on the island of Culatra in the village of Ilha de Culatra.

I have found very few facts about the island. Most of the island of Culatra is inhabited by fishermen (this was quite obvious). Also, some tourists spend summer there. From historical facts, it is known that during the First World War, they started to build a naval anti-submarine aviation center on the island, but it was never used due to the end of the war.

Where to eat on Culatra

You don’t have to think too much about there to have lunch as there are only about 6 restaurants. For example, you can eat at Café Janoca where you can enjoy the freshest seafood and sea fish for a ridiculous amount of money.

Café Janoca, Ilha de Culatra

Things to see on Culatra

When we first arrived there, we were simply amazed by the local architecture. It was like we came to the island of Lilliput. Local residents settled in tiny houses with low ceilings. It seemed like it would not be so easy to get inside for a person with a height of 1.80. Each house was unique and memorable for something – either by color or by an interesting marine design.

Many houses had no signs of life. Apparently, their inhabitants left for a job to more populated areas. All the people we met along the way were tourists, fishermen or restaurant & market employees.

Sign on the wall: "A fisherman lives here". 
Deserted island of Culatra.
On the way to the beach
Low tide. I wonder how long this boat has been like this?
The beach of Culatra is simply amazing. 
Having fun on the Culatra beach
Lonely fisherman on the Culatra beach. 
Old fishermen port of Culatra
The sand and the ocean.
Sunset on Rio Farmosa

If you are tired of a big city life, then Rio Farmosa Islands are a perfect place to relax. I strongly advise you to visit the entire park, each island is unique in its own way. Portugal will please you with silence, safety, an endless ocean and will give you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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