7 travel planning tips.
Tips for your travel planning that make your trip perfect.

27 of October 2022

Travel planning may be challenging for many travelers. Planning a trip is not only about mapping routes and purchasing flights. If you want to fully dive into local culture and history, so many details must be considered. In this post I share with you 7 travel planning tips that make my travel perfect!


Consider sunset time

While traveling during winter time, plan your trip considering the sunset time as many sights must be seen in daytime. Or maybe you are planning a romantic dinner and want to contemplate the sunset in a beautiful place? Then be on time!

Sunset in Cádiz

Make a restaurant research

Not all the restaurants are the same. Neither the service in them. Make a small research of places you want to have dinner in. And always have plan B, in case the first option fails you. Try to avoid restaurants for “tourists”. Look for a restaurant with a few dishes on the menu and homemade food. It guarantees the food is fresh.


Book your hotel with cancellation option is a perfect option which offers a wide accommodation selection of different price categories with cancellation possibility until almost the day of your travel. It allows you to change the hotel you may like better later and to book in advance to avoid lack of accommodation (if you travel in hot season, for example).


Covid-19 updates and restrictions

Before traveling check Covid-19 restrictions. You may need some papers signed and uploaded before taking the plane. Skyscanner is just perfect for that. Type the country you are going to and it gives you all the necessary information.


Read historical facts about the places in advance

Read some historical facts about sights you want to visit. You may find a nice surprise. Maybe it is worth going inside of a cathedral because of its splendor? Or maybe someone important is buried there? Definitely you will look at this place with totally different eyes!


Check free options

Before going to a museum, check its website if there is a free or pay-what-you-wish alternative to enter. You can save some money for your dinner!


Check the city's official website

Check the “Agenda” page of the city’s site. You will find up-to-date information about upcoming events which may be very interesting.

Is your head spinning when you start thinking about how many details you must consider before you go on your well-deserved vacations? If you want your trip to be smooth and relaxed you may consider using the travel planning services.

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