Why is travel planning important?

10 reasons to plan your trip.

20 of October 2022

So many travelers have so many ways of traveling. How many of you think that it is so romantic to go somewhere spontaneously, spend nights in the first hotel you find on your way and not know where you will be tomorrow? In some way it is adventurous and exciting, but have you thought about how many things you are missing?

Imagine you are going somewhere you always wanted to go, and you only have three days to see everything. Trip planning is not about just booking your flights and hotels, it is the way to take advantage of every minute of your trip. In this article, I share with you 10 reasons why travel planning has so much importance.


You won´t miss anything important

I must confess I wasn’t always planning my trips. I still regret that I didn’t enter Les Invalides in Paris in order to visit the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte or Westminster Abbey in London to visit the grave of Stephen Hawking. Should I mention planning your visits is important?


Visa, travel insurance, Covid-19 restrictions

In our changing times this part of trip planning is essential. Some countries are still serious with Covid-19 measurements and require some papers to sign. And, of course, even for the strongest passports of the world some visa or authorization is needed (ESTA for US, for example), as well as the travel insurance might be almost obligatory (again US), as you never know what can happen during your vacations.


You will stay in the hotel you like

If you are the one who travels on public holidays, be sure there are thousands like you in your country. Make sure you book your hotel in advance on, for example. There are plenty of options that can be cancelled for free.


Budget is enough for everything

As most people on Earth, you might have a limited budget for your trip, so make sure you know the price of places you want to enter. And there is always time to check free options of pastime at your destination (for example, free tours, museums etc.). I use Viator to purchase cheaper tickets, but first I recommend you always check the official websites, you may find a surprise there.


You will eat where you like

Not all the restaurants are the same. In Spain we know it very well, thus, if we want to enjoy the food, we make a small research of restaurants of the destination we are going to. Just to avoid disappointments. I use Google maps reviews and photos to evaluate a restaurant.


You will have time for everything

When we went to New York, we did everything we planned (no, it wasn’t boring), so the last night before leaving home we could go to a karaoke party with a… famous Russian model! The event wasn´t predicted, but we had time for it! Planning is good, it allows you to do spontaneous things!


You will find the best transport option

If you travel within one country, it is good to check transport options, whether you want to use a speed train or go by plane. I always use Skyscanner for searching for flights. Google Maps is good for calculating public transport routes.


Traveling with children and pets

Traveling with children requires planning as the little ones have their own needs. They might get bored in some museums and it is essential to find entertainment options for them too. Make sure your airline company provides you with a baby bed if you travel with babies.

Pets are undoubtedly like children for many of us. Search for pet friendly hotels and learn public places rules for pets of each destination.


Traveling in groups

Traveling in groups may be challenging, as we all have different interests and requirements. Someone can walk 20 km a day, others prefer more calm vacations. You can adapt to each other or plan an individual activity for everyone. Before going for a trip with your friends, consider if they have the same preferences as you have.


Travelers with disabilities

People with disabilities need a customized travel plan in order to provide them with accessible routes. There are plenty of activities that they can do just the same way as we all can, it is just the matter of a correct organization. Fortunately, traveling has become possible to everyone nowadays and there are tour companies dedicated to travelers with disabilities.

What if you agree with most of the statements of this article, but you get nervous when it comes to planning a trip? Or you are just busy with your project and it is only one week until your vacation? If you want your vacation to be smooth and relaxed you may consider using the travel planning services.

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