Hiking in Spain.
Know interesting and beautiful hiking routes in Spain.

Spain is a hiker’s paradise. The beauty of its nature is simply amazing and breathtaking. I will share interesting hiking routes in my beloved Spain on this page.

Recommendations for hiking in Spain:

  • The best time to hike is during a cold time of the year, for example from November to March. It is recommendable to go hiking on a sunny day and you can go at any time of the day. During a hot season, it is better to do water routes.
  • Wear suitable hiking boots. I have seen people hiking in mountains wearing running shoes, which are absolutely inappropriate, and even dangerous. Think about your safety and purchase good hiking boots!
  • It is better to take much food than to starve later. Keep in mind that hiking in mountains burns a lot of energy, and take food and drinks that contain sugar (healthy option: banana). And of course, take enough of fresh water with you.
  • Don’t overderestimate the sun in Spain. It is better to always take warm clothes with you. It is hot while you are walking, as soon as you stop for a rest, you will freeze.

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Bonus: my hiker´s sandwich recipe.

Ingredients for one sandwich:

– Two halves of a baguette (about a third part of a baguette)

– Quail eggs 2

– Jamon 2 slices

– Tomato 3 thin slices

– Cheese hard/semi-hard of your taste (I use semi-hard sheep milk cheese), thinly sliced.

– Cheese “Philadelphia”

– Mayonnaise


1) Toast the baguette using a pan without oil.

2) Fry the eggs, over easy/over medium stage.

3) Spread Philadelphia cheese on one half of the baguette.

4) Put the ingredients in the following order: jamon, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, mayonnais, the second half of the baguette.

5) You can add greens of your taste (lettuce, spinach …)

6) Wrap in foil and enjoy the sandwich in any beautiful place of your choice 🙂