Know Finland!

Know the most unusual and beautiful places to visit in Finland.

Oh beautiful Finland! Once you became my home, and forever you will remain in my heart, no matter how far away I am. Finland is a country of thousand lakes and northern lights, the birthplace of Santa Claus, open houses and equally open people. It is here where people drink four cups of coffee a day, bake the freshest cinnamon rolls, and have the best barbecues in the world! This is a country where everyone can reveal his/her talent at no cost, this is a society where everything is built for people. And, of course, there would be no Finland without its purest and most beautiful nature, stunning sunsets, endless forests and lakes. This is my Finland!

Know Kuopio!

Know Kuopio! Things to see in Kuopio in 2 days. Visiting museums, markets, the...

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Know Helsinki!

Know Helsinki! Places to visit in Helsinki in 2 days. Visiting museums, the cathedrals...

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