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Visiting Avignon in two hours.

03 January 2022

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We had only a few hours to visit Avignon before our flight to Malaga, but it was necessary to visit it because of the Popes´ palace. This Gothic-style palace is magnificent! Basic entrance fee (excluding the bridge and gardens) is 12 euros per person. There was not much queue on the entrance and we purchased tickets inside. If you are traveling on weekends, it might be worth buying tickets in advance online.

Popes´ palace

Popes´ palace in Avignon

The Papal Palace symbolizes magnificence of the church in the Christian West of the 14th century. Built from 1335 to 1352, it testifies to the presence of 9 popes who alternated one another in Avignon in the 14th century. The palace itself is a work of two popes, Benedict XII and Clement VI. Avignon became a papal residence in 1309, when Bertrand de Gotte, in the role of Pope Clement V moved to Avignon after facing chaos in Rome after his election in 1305.

This memorial building is the most important Gothic palace on the west. The palace presents to its visitors more than twenty places, which were part of the worldwide resonance, as well as the Pope’s private apartments and his magnificent frescoes – work of an Italian artist Matteo Giovannetti.

Inner courtyard of the Popes´ palace in Avignon

Visiting the Popes´ palace is about to experience a virtual journey through time. Using the tablet given after buying a ticket you can feel the spirit of that time and imagine a special atmosphere in each room of the palace. There are 9 time travels in total during the whole tour.

Avignon´s bridge Saint Benezet

After visiting the palace, you can walk and contemplate the Saint-Beneze bridge from outside of the river, it is not necessary to step on it (payment separately).

Where to eat in Avignon

  • Restaurant L’Épicerie Avignon next to the St. Peter’s Basilica

A Provencal food (and more) restaurant serving quality dishes. Based on reviews, the portions are not small. Offers meat, fish and vegetable dishes. The price, as elsewhere, is about 20 euros per dish.

  • Alice et ses merveilles

An interesting place with exquisitely and beautifully presented dishes of great variety. . There are different types of three course menus at reasonable prices. There is a children’s menu and a menu for students!

  • La Cuisine du Dimanche

If you want to experience something, check this place out. Gourmet meals are crafted in an extraordinary way. A real gastronomic adventure! A three-course surprise menu will cost you around 20 euros.

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